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April 2016

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~ 2016 Summer Conference WORKSHOP SCHEDULE announced

~ Additional SINGLE ROOMS for Summer Conference now available

~ Due to popular demand REGISTRATION RE-OPENED for Boston regional event, April 30th


Spring Big Apple Conference

July 15 - 22, 2016

Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA



Lisa Acerbo, Using Local History to Build a Good Mystery (3 days)

Lynne Barrett, Crime as the Spine: Techniques of Mystery & Suspense (3 days)

Joan Kane Nichols, Making a Scene (6 days)

Cathleen O’Connor, Irresistable First Chapters: Writing a "Gotta Read More" Fiction Opening (6 days)

Paula Scardamalia, How to Use Myths, Fairy Tales and Dreams for Stories that Sell (3 days)

Memoir and Personal Narrative

Suzi Banks Baum, The Power Keg Sessions: Writing Personal Narrative from the Wealth of Your Lived Experience (3 days)

Suzi Banks Baum, Mapping Motherhood: Writing Our Way Home (3 days)

Heather Cariou, Standing In Your Own Truth (6 days)

Joy Ross Davis, A Personal Narrative: Rising Out of the Ashes (3 days)

Janice Gary, Spinning Straw into Gold: The Transformative Power of the Narrative Arc in Memoir and Personal Narrative (6 days)

Dorothy Randall Gray, Black Women, White Pages: Spirit, Soul and Survival (6 days)

Maureen Murdock, The Art of Memoir 2016 (6 days)

Kathleen A. O'Shea, Good Heavens! Writing from Our Religious Past (3 days)

Eunice Scarfe, The Blank Page: Writing Adrift/Writing a Draft (6 days)

Susan Tiberghien, Witnessing with Words, the Personal and the Political in Writing Our Life Stories (6 days)

Amy Wu, Connecting to Heal: Writing a Way to a Healthier You (3 days)


Judith Prest, Becoming Visible through Expressive Arts (3 days)

Jan Phillips, Stop Learning, Start Knowing (6 days)

Marylou Streznewski, How to Google Your Own Brain: Using Imaging to Jump Start Your Writing (3 days)

Carren Strock, Making Good Photos Great (3 days)


June Gould, The Poem You weren't Expecting: A Hands-on Poetry Writing Workshop (6 days)

Marj Hahne, Writing Your Spiritual Mosaic (6 days)

Lisa Hase-Jackson, Personal Narrative and the Poem (6 days)

Linda Leedy Schneider, The Art and Craft of Writing: Come Surprise Yourself! (6 days)

Myra Shapiro, Living with Poems (6 days)

Social Action/Social Justice

Lisa Freedman, Writing as Warriorship (6 days)

Geri Lennon, Brandishing the Sword of Truth (3 days)

Shawndra Miller, Writing a Better World into Being (3 days)

Miriam Stein, Ways to Win Hearts, Minds, and Votes with Social Justice/Social Action Writing (3 days)

Pamela Varkony, Writing for a Cause (1 day)

The Business of Publishing

Mary Beth Coudal, Get Your Social Media Groove On - Set Up Your Blog (6 days)

Joy Ross Davis, Branding: The Writer's Best Friend (3 days)

Jessica Tyner Mehta, Crafting a Lucrative Writing Career (3 days)

Writing and Performance

Judy Adourian, Playwriting (6 days)

Linda Bergman, So You Think Your Life's a Movie? And How to Sell It! (6 days)

Kelly DuMar, Writing and Producing Your Ten-Minute Play (6 days)

Salons (one 90-minute session)

Anne Anthony, Submission Parties

Lisa Freedman & Lisa Irish, Awareness and Consciousness as a Writer

B. Lynn Goodwin, Journaling

Elizabeth Kann, Word Play

Alison Ruth, How to Add Magic Realism to Your Writing

PLUS: Critiques and Open Readings

Basic Daily Schedule

7:00 am - 8:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am - 10:00 am Session 1 Workshops
10:30 am - 12:00 pm Session 2 Workshops
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Session 3 Workshops
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Session 4 Workshops
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Open Readings


Didn't get a single room because they sold out?

GREAT NEWS: Muhlenberg College released an additional wing of single rooms for us!

Contact Kristin at

if you would like to register or switch your registration from a double room to a single with a suite.




Our first regional conference in Boston has filled up quicker than anticipated.  

Therefore, we located a more spacious location and have re-opened registration!

April 30, 2016
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Medfield, Massachusetts  


Our Writing From Your Life Retreat offers professional and personal insights into memoir, monologue & poetry and exceptional enrichment of your creative life. You’ll experience the gifts of Guild community in a private home in a beautiful wooded setting on the Charles River in Metro-west Boston. 

Your workshop instructors:
Susan Tiberghien 
Judy Adourian
Kelly DuMar

Workshop Descriptions & Instructor Bios

Writing Memoir – Finding Meaning in Your Life Story (Susan Tiberghien)

Memoir is a window into your life. You choose a life experience, shape it into story, and try to make meaning out of it. In this workshop we will first look at what windows we wish to open. Then at how to shape what we see into compelling narrative. We will write a short piece of memoir, in which ultimately we hope to uncover meaning. In so doing, we will respond to today’s urgent call to bear witness through our words.

Susan Tiberghien, an American writer living in Geneva, Switzerland, has published three memoirs Looking for Gold, Circling to the Center, Footsteps-A European Album, and the highly appreciated writing book,  One Year to a Writing Life, plus two new titles published in 2015: Side by Side: Writing Your Love Story andFootsteps:  In Love with a Frenchman.  She teaches at C.G. Jung Centers, at the International Women’s Writing Guild, and at writers’ centers and conferences in the States and in Europe where she directs the Geneva Writers’ Group, an association of over 230 English-language writers.

Writing Autobiographical Monologues (Judy Adourian)

Did you know that you write autobiographical monologues every day? Whether it’s a story you tell at a dinner party, the confession you share with a friend, or the thoughts that run through your mind in middle of the night, you’re writing monologues. And those monologues are the most fruitful seeds a writer of any genre can plant. Let me guide you through the process of cultivating your thoughts and stories into words on a page so they can bloom.

Judy Adourian is the owner of Writeyes, a teaching, critiquing & support network that offers correspondence courses, critiques, and workshops in genres of playwriting, personal essay, & short story. She assists her clients in every step of the writing process from inspiration to completed manuscript to marketing/production. Judy has been published in six editions of the Cup of  Comfort series, The Ultimate Mom, and Grab Your Tiger anthologies. In 2009 Judy received a grant for “Teaching as a Spiritual Practice,” a Unitarian Universalist religious exploration curriculum. Judy’s writing how-to articles were featured regularly online at Inkwell Newswatch and in NEWN magazine, for which she was the Executive Editor. Judy served for over a decade as the R.I. Regional Rep for IWWG & she can be reached through her website at

Writing Truth & Beauty – Finding Poetry in Your Photos (Kelly DuMar)

The photos we save & the photos we take show what we care about and hope to preserve, what moves and mystifies us, the people, places and experiences that bring meaning into our lives. In this workshop, we’ll write poetically from personal photos that arrest our attention and unpack why they do. Writing poetry from photos allows us to express the truth of what we feel - and know - and haven’t said, as we capture the beauty and deeper meaning of an image in words. We’ll shape images into poems that reveal our personalities, identity, relationships & creativity. Please bring photos to work from!

Kelly DuMar is a playwright & poet who facilitates creative writing workshops for writers across the US. Her poems are published in many literary magazines, and her award-winning poetry chapbook, All These Cures was published by Lit House Press in 2014. A past president of Playwrights’ Platform, Boston, Kelly has been involved in facilitating new play development for many years. Her award winning plays have been produced around the US and Canada, and are published by dramatic publishers. She founded and produces the Our Voices Festival of Women Playwrights at Wellesley College, now in its 10th year, and she moderates, Let’s Talk TLA, a bi-monthly teleconference and poetry open mic for members of the Transformative Language Arts Association. Kelly serves on the Board of IWWG. Visit her website at

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