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August 2016





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ยท        Summer Conference 2016 success and follow-ups

  • Help sponsor a one-day IWWG retreat in your local area 
  • Call for "Giving Voice: Race Relatable" in Network
  • A special submission opportunity for IWWG members from TED



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Summer Conference 2016

Summer Conference 2016

If you were not able to join us for The IWWG 39thAnnual Summer Conference in July, and haven’t seen all the buzz about it in our member Facebook group or on our public page, we want to let you know that is was an outstanding event! Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA warmly welcomed us. We touched each other’s hearts, found nourishment for our writing lives, and connected on a level that can’t be completely described in words.

Some quotes from our IWWG member Facebook room:

  • “I am full of gratitude to everyone for holding the space for all of us to be heard, to be seen, to be brave, to stand in our truth, to sit with our truths in silence but not alone, to transform, for contributing your spirit to create an ineffable experience. We remain connected in Writer Warrior Spirit.” 
  • “….Spirit sisters, all, your Wisdom words, bravery, dignity, and authentic friendship, fed me….”

More details to come regarding the Summer Conference, including photos, in the upcoming editions of Network, both of which will be released in the next few weeks. 


Think an IWWG one-day event should be held in your area, and want to help sponsor it? Let us know! 

So what does it take to help sponsor a regional retreat or conference where you live? Here’s what we look for:

  • An established writing community in the region. (This doesn’t mean a formal association—just enough writers living around and near to make it possible to attract twenty or more people.)
  • A few Guild members who can assist in organizing the event. This may include offering to host the event or assisting us in locating an alternative venue (e.g., a private home, a church basement, a library room, a classroom), finding a reasonable caterer for lunch, and so forth. You may even be able to find a local business sponsor or philanthropic group willing to help underwrite some of the costs of the event. For example, Antioch University Los Angeles provides the venue for California Dreaming each winter.
  • Onsite assistance the day of the event. While we provide sign-in sheets, name badges, evaluations, and all necessary materials, we need someone local to receive these materials and handle registration.
  • A clear vision of what is of topical interest in your local community and your best thinking regarding which of our wonderful workshop leaders you would like to have us invite on your behalf. Generally, we limit the number of workshop leaders at a first-time event to two. While we are willing to cover a reasonable travel budget, we encourage you to identify workshop leaders who reside in your part of the country.

We work hard to keep costs down, especially for a first-time venue, so that we can keep registration reasonable and attract a minimum number of participants. We also hold your hand throughout the process—and depending on where you are located, you may find our executive director, Board president, or other members of the Board in attendance to help out! (Any excuse for a writing party!)

Questions? Definitely interested in bringing the Guild to your area? Contact Dixie King at 661-619-2735, or email at

Giving Voice Submissions for Network

Giving Voice is a new feature of the IWWG members-only publication, Network in which you have the opportunity to submit a 250 to 400-word piece of flash memoir or personal essay on a specific topic. Keep in mind we are looking for pieces that speak to your personal experience and relate it to broader social issues. If you’ve never attempted flash memoir, this is an opportunity to craft something similar to what you would read in a three-minute open reading at a Guild event. We may edit your piece to fit into the space we have available, but will not do so without notifying you in advance.

The topic for the Fall 2016 issue of Network is Race Relatable. This topic came out of a discussion forum on race held at the Summer Conference after the Baton Rouge shooting of police officers earlier that week. Between thirty and forty women participated in a difficult but important dialogue about how to hear each other’s truths and honor each other’s perspectives when our experiences around race, heritage, and society may differ significantly Deadline for submissions is September 30 for the Fall edition of Network. We encourage you to submit!


Special TED Talk Submission Opportunity for IWWG Members

TED reached out to IWWG regarding a new audio series they have in development with Audible that allows ideas to be shared with the world, but with a twist.  Rather than giving talks under the bright lights of TED’s public stage, speakers will give their talks anonymously.   

Deron Triff, executive producer of Sincerely, X, shared TED's thinking: The very spotlight that has defined the TED Talk experience may actually be the reason some people choose not to submit their ideas.  Therefore, a voice disconnected from visual identity (and disguised through gentle audio manipulation) provides anonymity to the speaker — while at the same time, letting their ideas reach millions of people. 

And so TED contacted us in hopes that writers from IWWG might nominate themselves to give an anonymous TED Talk on Sincerely X.  We and TED want to keep the possible topics wide open to our community.  The only caveat is that TED is looking for talks that require anonymity given the purpose of this program.  Fast Company posted an article about Sincerely, X, which you might want to read here for more context.

If you have an idea for an anonymous talk and would like to share it with TED, they’d be happy to hear from you at  And if you have any questions about the program that you’d like to discuss confidentially, contact Deron Triff at   

Please make sure to indicate in the submission form (or in your correspondence with Deron) that you learned of this opportunity through IWWG so that TED might recognize our organization in an episode that features one of our members.



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