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February 2016

In This Issue:

  • Don't miss out on Early Bird Pricing for the 2016 Summer Conference!
  • Less than a week left to make California Dreaming a reality!
  • A stellar lineup of Spring Big Apple member Author Panel participants, plus . . . a new Sunday workshop offering.
  • Register to Write from Your Life with Tiberghien, Adourian, and DuMar at our first Boston regional event.

Take advantage of our Summer Conference Early Bird Pricing while it lasts! 

Planning on joining us at the 2016 IWWG Summer Conference? 

Now is the time to register! 

Not only are single rooms going fast, but right now we are offering 

Early Bird Pricing! 

Through March 31, we are offering deeply discounted registration pricing on full event, long weekend, week, and commuter rates.

For full conference details, and to register, visit our 


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Time is running out to attend our 

California Dreaming conference! 

A dream-team lineup of instructors and workshops. 

A supportive environment in which to create. 

Perfect weather.

What's not to love?

February 27 - 28, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA

Spring Big Apple Announcement #1: 

Meet our Member Author Panel 

Spring Big Apple Conference: April 16 - 17, 2016

Scandinavia House, New York, New York

Full details on our EVENT PAGE

Saturday, April 16

All-day workshop with June Gould, What Are Women Writing About Anyway?

Sunday, April 17

Workshop with Mary Beth Coudal

Making Spaces/Going Places 

8:30 - 11:00 AM

Author Panel 11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Book Fair 12:15 - 1:30 pm

Our published member authors discuss the process of writing and publishing their book. Followed by a book fair where you may chat with the authors and purchase their books. 

Elaine Freed Lindenblatt

Stop at the Red Apple: The Restaurant on Route 17


December 1, 2014, SUNY (State University of NY) Press, Albany, NY

Stop at the Red Apple is the colorful story of the Red Apple Rest, the landmark restaurant on NY Route 17 en route to the Catskills. Founder Reuben Freed's daughter takes us on a 50-year ride back to the eatery that served over a million customers annually.

Gloria S. Allen

Smoke in the Kitchen: A Novel About Second Chances

Contemporary/Multicultural Fiction

March 31st, 2014, AuthorHouse, LLC

This book, set in Freetown, Sierra Leone, tells the story about 43 year old Sara Moses who happens to find life’s purpose where she least expects. Following the untimely death of her fiancé and her unborn daughter, her life becomes empty...Sara channels her energy by forming a reforestation society and encourages an entire nation to replant the forest. 

Kathleen Frazier

Sleepwalker: The Mysterious Makings and Recovery of a Somnambulist

Inspirational Memoir/Narrative Medicine/Women's Health 

September 2015, Skyhorse Publishing, distributed by Perseus 

Frazier untangles twenty years of violent sleepwalking, sleep terrors, and insomnia that affected every area of her life and, in particular, her intimate relationships. She faces and recovers from intergenerational trauma, alcoholism and mental illness – with hard won love as her reward.

Kathryn E. Livingston

Yin, Yang, Yogini: A Woman's Quest for Balance, Strength and Inner Peace


2014, Open Road Integrated Media

Yin, Yang, Yogini is a memoir about transformation through yoga. It is also a journey of triumph over breast cancer, anxiety, and fear.

Lisa Acerbo

No Trouble at All

Romantic thriller

October 31, 2015, Destiny Whispers Publishing

It's a bad day for Sophie Carter when she stumbles across a dead body in the woods. But when the suspected murderer turns out to be a leather-clad vagabond who died in 1889, her carefully controlled quiet life explodes. 

Lo Anne Mayer  

Celestial Conversations:  Healing Relationships After Death
Spiritual Healing

December 2012, Cape House Books

Through journaling, Mayer restored a broken bond and soothed her grief after the deaths of her mother and daughter. She shares her story and simple technique with bereaved people everywhere. 

Margaret Winslow

The Cusp of Dreadfulness: Fifteen Seasons in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia


2016, iUniverse

This memoir recounts the struggles of a geologist as she navigates through the wilderness at the tip of South America. Her stories include crossing the Andes on foot, facing military interrogation, rescuing an injured child, and repelling a rapist, which brings on severe agoraphobia.  

Marie Murphy Duess 

Ashley Hall

Memoir as Fiction

2014 by Waterfall Publishing (independently published)

Set in the 1960s, Ashley Hall examines the secrets and sorrows of the residents who live in the apartments on one floor of a Queens, New York, apartment building. It relates the events of the 1960s through the eyes of a cast of diversified characters, and uncovers their regrets, their joys, and their capacity to love and accept even the most unlikely strangers. 

Marylou Kelly Streznewski

Book 1: Dying with Robert Mitchum   


May, 2015 by Kelsay Books, Aldrich Press

This poetry book is a meditation on war by someone who has never been in one. I have been, as most of us are, a war watcher since I was 5 years old..

Book 2: HEART RENDING – HEART MENDING: Saved by Medical Science, Healed by ancient Wisdom


January, 2016, J. G. Whitthorne Press for Create Space

Highlighting the necessity of educating the women of America about the dangers of heart disease as their number on killer, this dramatic memoir takes the reader inside the trauma of open heart surgery, using the actual surgeon’s notes, prose, letters and her own poetry. It shows how her use if integrative medicine modalities taught her that she had to heal herself after the surgeons rebuilt her heart.

Spring Big Apple Announcement #2:

New alternative offering to parallel Meet the Agents

We apologize for the delay in opening registration for Spring Big Apple, but we are working on an exciting NEW offering on Sunday! It's an alternative to the Meet the Agents session, for those who are not ready to pitch, already have an agent, or want a different session to attend. 

Stay tuned for exciting details about this bonus workshop!

For up-to-date details, visit our SBA EVENT PAGE


Boston Regional Conference registration now open!

Writing From Your Life - In Memoir, Monologue & Poetry

April 30, 2016
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sherborn, Massachusetts  

Our Writing From Your Life Retreat offers professional and personal insights into memoir, monologue & poetry and exceptional enrichment of your creative life. You’ll experience the gifts of Guild community in a private home in a beautiful wooded setting on the Charles River in Metro-west Boston. 

Your workshop instructors:

Susan Tiberghien 

Judy Adourian

Kelly DuMar


Workshop Descriptions & Instructor Bios

Writing Memoir – Finding Meaning in Your Life Story (Susan Tiberghien)

Memoir is a window into your life. You choose a life experience, shape it into story, and try to make meaning out of it. In this workshop we will first look at what windows we wish to open. Then at how to shape what we see into compelling narrative. We will write a short piece of memoir, in which ultimately we hope to uncover meaning. In so doing, we will respond to today’s urgent call to bear witness through our words.

Susan Tiberghien, an American writer living in Geneva, Switzerland, has published three memoirs Looking for Gold, Circling to the Center, Footsteps-A European Album, and the highly appreciated writing book,  One Year to a Writing Life, plus two new titles published in 2015: Side by Side: Writing Your Love Story and Footsteps:  In Love with a Frenchman.  She teaches at C.G. Jung Centers, at the International Women’s Writing Guild, and at writers’ centers and conferences in the States and in Europe where she directs the Geneva Writers’ Group, an association of over 230 English-language writers.

Writing Autobiographical Monologues (Judy Adourian)

Did you know that you write autobiographical monologues every day? Whether it’s a story you tell at a dinner party, the confession you share with a friend, or the thoughts that run through your mind in middle of the night, you’re writing monologues. And those monologues are the most fruitful seeds a writer of any genre can plant. Let me guide you through the process of cultivating your thoughts and stories into words on a page so they can bloom.

Judy Adourian is the owner of Writeyes, a teaching; critiquing & support network that offers correspondence courses, critiques, and workshops in genres of playwriting, personal essay, & short story. She assists her clients in every step of the writing process from inspiration to completed manuscript to marketing/production. Judy has been published in six editions of the Cup of Comfort series, The Ultimate Mom, and Grab Your Tiger anthologies. In 2009 Judy received a grant for “Teaching as a Spiritual Practice,” a Unitarian Universalist religious exploration curriculum. Judy’s writing how-to articles were featured regularly online at Inkwell Newswatch and in NEWN magazine, for which she was the Executive Editor. Judy served for over a decade as the R.I. Regional Rep for IWWG & she can be reached through her website at

Writing Truth & Beauty – Finding Poetry in Your Photos (Kelly DuMar)

The photos we save & the photos we take show what we care about and hope to preserve, what moves and mystifies us, the people, places and experiences that bring meaning into our lives. In this workshop, we’ll write poetically from personal photos that arrest our attention and unpack why they do. Writing poetry from photos allows us to express the truth of what we feel - and know - and haven’t said, as we capture the beauty and deeper meaning of an image in words. We’ll shape images into poems that reveal our personalities, identity, relationships & creativity. Please bring photos to work from!

Kelly DuMar is a playwright & poet who facilitates creative writing workshops for writers across the US. Her poems are published in many literary magazines, and her award-winning poetry chapbook, “All These Cures,” was published by Lit House Press in 2014. A past president of Playwrights’ Platform, Boston, Kelly has been involved in facilitating new play development for many years. Her award winning plays have been produced around the US and Canada, and are published by dramatic publishers. She founded and produces the Our Voices Festival of Women Playwrights at Wellesley College, now in its 10th year, and she moderates, Let’s Talk TLA, a bi-monthly teleconference and poetry open mic for members of the Transformative Language Arts Association. Kelly serves on the Board of IWWG. Visit her website at

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