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May 2016

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·  The Spirited Woman Foundation to fund a scholarship to the IWWG Summer  Conference

·  Livingkindness Foundation to offer full Summer Conference  Scholarship to woman using creativity to service a better world

·  IWWG Scholarship Fund for Summer Conference information  and application

·       Summer Conference workshop schedule demystified


The Spirited Woman Foundation to fund scholarship 

to IWWG Summer Conference 

The IWWG is pleased to announce that The Spirited Woman Foundation is offering a scholarship donation of $1,000 to support a woman with financial need to attend the 39th Annual IWWG Summer Conference. Applications for The Spirited Woman Empowerment Scholarship will be accepted through May 31st. The scholarship recipient will be announced on June 8th.

The Spirited Woman, founded by writer Nancy Mills in 2001, is a women’s empowerment community dedicated to supporting women express their spirited woman selves. Over a fifteen-year period, Mills grew her community through workshops, media events, and an online presence that expanded her following world-wide. In 2012, Mills realized a personal dream when she established The Spirited Woman Foundation, which operates under United Charitable Programs.

The purpose and mission of The Spirited Woman Foundation is “To help heal and support women through actions of empowerment.” Over the past four years the Foundation has made donations to eleven nonprofit causes such as domestic violence, health care, and creative endeavors. All donated money has been raised through women purchasing limited edition “prayer scarves” — visual symbols of women’s empowerment, spirit and beauty. To date, 700 women have purchased over 2,000 scarves.

IWWG will be the 12th nonprofit to receive a donation from The Spirited Woman Foundation, Recognizing their similar missions, Mills reached out to the IWWG enthusiastically, having known about IWWG for over a decade through her friend, IWWG member and supporter Heather Cariou. This generous opportunity for another “spirited woman” to come alive through her creative essence is offered in the belief that "Every woman has the right to be heard. Every woman has a voice. Every woman must help another.”

A portion of the sales from the current Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf - PLAYFUL SPIRIT - will fund The Spirited Woman Empowerment Scholarship, and for a limited time only, Mills is giving IWWG members and friends the opportunity to increase the amount of the scholarship. For every PLAYFUL SPIRIT prayer scarf sold to an IWWG member or friend, Mills will donate an additional $5.00 to the fund. To purchase a scarf go to:

Mills will be part of the panel that reviews applications for the scholarship. “I am looking for applications from women who are determined, playful, and passionate--in other words, unstoppable,” she said.

To apply for The Spirited Woman Empowerment Scholarship, click the link below. Some partial scholarships will also be available through the generous donations of IWWG members.DEADLINE IS JUNE 6th.

The following application links are to the same document, so no need to download more than once!

Scholarship Application for 2016 IWWG Summer Conference

The following application links are to the same document, so no need to download more than once!

Livingkindness Foundation to offer full Summer Conference scholarship to woman using creativity to service a better world  

In 2010, author/activist Jan Phillips visited a small village in Ikuzeh, Nigeria. It was mid-afternoon and nearly a hundred children were standing in line waiting for a teacher who would never come. The teachers are paid whether they show or not, due to corruption in the government, so many never arrive. Jan and her colleague, Sr. Rita, who heads up the NGO Hope for the Village Child which serves this village, made a plan to solve the problem. They would build a computer center with an apartment on each end, to accommodate two teachers who would live there full time. Jan’s job was to raise the $25,000. She wrote grants, appealed to her friends, and sponsored two Women’s Voices, Women’s Visions conferences to inspire and support writers and creators. 

In February 2016, the Livingkindness Learning Centre was commission by the tribal chief. There are 20 computers running on solar power being used by the children and adults as well. People are coming from two other tribal villages to learn skills and be better connected with the world at large.

The Livingkindness Foundation has a commitment to work both globally and locally and is offering a full scholarship to the IWWG Summer Conference to a woman who is using her creativity in the service of a better world. This is an Art & Activism Scholarship that will go to a woman who can provide evidence of her commitment and some measures of her success. This scholarship is for the doers, not the dreamers. 


IWWG Scholarship Fund for 2016 Summer Conference

The Guild is proud to announce the establishment of an IWWG Scholarship Fund for the 2016 Summer Conference. We are grateful to all who have donated to make this fund possible. Our goal is to ensure that our conference is accessible to as many women as possible. This fund will enable us to offer two full-week and several partial scholarships that can be applied toward the long weekend, the weekday or the full-week registration costs. [The full scholarships refer to those offered by Spirited Woman Foundation and Livingkindness Foundation.]

·  The IWWG scholarships can be applied only toward room, board and fees.

·  Conference attendees are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the conference.

·  Although you do not have to be a Guild member to apply for the scholarship, you must become a Guild member at your own     cost if you receive one. One-year membership is $55.00. Click here to join.

·  While scholarship recipients are not required to provide in-kind work for the Guild, we appreciate your willingness to do        so. This could include helping with registration, assisting conference newcomers, or other forms of service to “give back” to             the Guild.

In our first year of reinstating the scholarship program, we are pleased to be able to provide some financial assistance to a few registrants who might not otherwise be able to attend.Please let us know your registration plans—long weekend (July 15-18), the weekdays (July 18-22) or the full conference (July 15-22)—and the maximum amount you can contribute to your conference fee. We will do our best to accommodate you.


Scholarship Application for 2016 IWWG Summer Conference

The following application links are to the same document, so no need to download more than once!

Summer Conference workshop schedule demystified

With so many choices of workshops spanning from 1-6 days, we can understand that the Summer Conference Schedule  might be a bit confusing, especially if this is your first Summer Conference. (By the way, we are thrilled for you!) Below are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding workshop scheduling and information: 

·  Unless otherwise noted, workshops do not repeat. In other words, you can attend the same workshop for the  entire week                  and different material is presented each day. 

·  If you are only joining us for three days, you can still attend "Six-Day Workshops." Similarly, if you are attending the entire                  week, you may take "Three-Day Workshops."

·  Critiques are ongoing, genre-specific sessions where you have the opportunity to have a short piece of your work critiqued by    one or two instructors. This is a safe, supportive environment in which to receive valuable feedback from the instructors and    your small group. Whether or not you decide to bring a piece to be  critiqued, it is a wonderful learning and sharing                         experience. Attendees are encouraged to attend even when not reading in order to support those who are.

·  Salons are one-time discussions led by an instructor on a particular topic, and take place Sunday-                                                             Thursday at 1:30-3:00 pm.

·  There is no signup for workshops (other than critique sessions). Attend the workshops that call to you each day . . . you may    even change your mind at the last minute! You are not obligated to stay with the same workshop throughout its course, nor    must you stay within a particular genre.

And don't forget . . . if you are able to join us on opening night, July 15, you won't want to miss it! Highlights include an introduction to workshops and instructors, and a keynote by actor, comedian, writer and Emmy-winner Nancy Giles. 

[Read more about her on our event page.]

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