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Free Write with Xu Xi

Writing Transnationally of our Global Village

June 11, 2021
1:00 - 2:30 PM EST

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We all live in a “global village” where life is increasingly transnational in terms of what we see and experience, whether from news or social media, travel, work or life relocations, or in the people we meet in our neighborhoods and workplaces. Yet how do we write of this reality— of other cultures, people, languages, countries — without resorting to clichés and stereotypes? In this workshop, we will consider ways to enrich our creative writing by sharpening our transnational writer’s eye. We will do writing exercises using transnational literary examples, and respond to a series of questions and writing prompts to find ways to voice this global reality.

XU XI 許素細 is author of fourteen books — five novels, one memoir and eight collections of stories and essays.  Her latest titles include This Fish is Fowl: Essays of Being  (2019)Insignificance: Hong Kong Stories  (2018) and the novel That Man in Our Lives  (2016). Forthcoming in October is The Art and Craft of Asian Stories: A Writer’s Guide and Anthologyco-authored with Robin Hemley with whom  she co-founded Authors at Large, a company that hosts international (and online) writing retreats and workshops and offers mentorships for writers with their collective of authors.  Most recently, Xu established the Mongrel Writers Residence™ as a hideaway for “mongrel” writers like herself. 

Xu has taught writing at universities and colleges worldwide for almost twenty years and currently co-directs The International MFA in prose for creative writing & literary translation. Previously, she had a long career in international marketing and management in the U.S. and Asia. An Indonesian-Chinese-American diehard transnational, she has split most of her life between Hong Kong, where she was born and raised, and New York City.  These days she splits her life, unevenly, between the state of New York and the rest of the world.  Follow her @xuxiwriter on FB, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Free Write with June Gould

The World According to Women

June 25, 2021
1:00 - 2:30 PM EST

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The World According to Women: June Gould, Ph.D. Facilitator.

A hands-on writing workshop : time to read and comment on the most current poems written by marginalized writing women throughout the world. 

Though I use poetry for a spur to your own writing, this workshop can also be  inspiring for novelists, non-fiction writers and short story writers.  There will be time to share your work, with feedback in our chat room or during the workshop from participants and myself. 

June Gould, Ph.D., is the author of The Writer in All of Us: Improving Your Writing through Childhood Memories (EP Dutton), Beyond the Margins: Rethinking the Art and Craft of Writing, and the novel In the Shadow of Trains; and the co-author of Counting the Stones, a book of Holocaust poetry. June has given readings at The 92nd Street Y (NY), The Holocaust Museum (Washington, DC), the Jewish Museum and Yeshiva Museum (NY), and libraries, synagogues, churches, universities, and bookstores throughout the U.S. and in Greece and Canada. She has been an IWWG workshop leader for over 25 years.

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