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Find Your Voice: Summer of Song

June 15, 2022
7:00 - 8:00 PM EST

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At our conference in July, Arielle Silver, a nationally touring singer-songwriter, yoga teacher, and creative writing faculty at Antioch University, is offering the workshop described below. Please join us for a free preview so you can register early if you are already coming to the conference, or consider registering for the conference and enjoying this and so many other workshops!

In this week-long PLAYshop, advance registrants will be inspired by sound and story to activate their voice in the world as writers,  public speakers, and song makers. They will sing, they will stomp, and they will write, as Arielle guides them through inspired creative writing prompts, idea development, melody and rhyme, and structure. For those who would like to share their song at the end of the week, there will be performance opportunity on Thursday for the greater IWWG community.  Note: This workshop requires pre-registration and a commitment to attend all five sessions.

Attendees do not have to be skilled musicians, however, musical background will be put to good use. If you'd like, please bring your portable accompanying instrument (guitar, uke, autoharp, etc.).

Arielle Silver is a Los Angeles-based performing songwriter, storyteller, and workshop facilitator. Her fourth album, A Thousand Tiny Torches, was released in 2020, and her essays, poems, and hybrid misfits have appeared in Matador Review, Brevity, Under the Gum Tree, Lilith Magazine, and others. An alumna of Brandeis University and Berklee College of Music, she earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles, where she currently serves on faculty. In the quiet lockdown months of the pandemic, she created the weekly podcast, Tomes & Tunes, where she talks with songwriters from around the world about books and creativity; and co-founded Bhavana Flow Yoga, an online yoga studio that offers daily classes in yoga, meditation, Sutras study, and more.

FREE WRITE: Nature and the Creative Environment: How Nature Affects the Environment in Which We Write"

June 17, 2022
1:00 - 2:30 PM EST

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“Nature and the Creative Environment: How Nature Affects the Environment in Which We Write” is a colorful PowerPoint presentation which describes how we can create warm and inviting living and working spaces that reduce stress, promote healing and inspire our creativity as writers, through the integration of nature elements into our environment.  

This presentation illustrates the awe inspiring, unpredictable and beautiful aspects of nature, and demonstrates how incorporating nature elements, such as color, texture, light and art into our environment can inspire innovative ideas, expansive thinking and ultimately more successful writing. 

Writers are given several opportunities to express themselves in writing about how nature inspires them, to assess the environments in which they write, and to choose the elements of nature that will create their own unique and uplifting writing environment.

One of the biggest influences on my life was the dramatic landscape that I experienced during the 19 years that I spent living in the Southwest.  There I was awed by the expanse of the terrain, the ever-changing light, the colors of the earth, the mountains, the sky, and the overall texture of the natural environment.

As an interior designer, a profound appreciation for these elements led me to specialize in creating warm interior environments that reduce stress and promote healing, through the use of color, texture, light, nature and art, as well as environmentally friendly and toxin-free materials. Upon my return to the east coast, I was pleased to go to work for a design firm that had a similar sensibility, especially in the healthcare arena. I designed interiors for some of the major hospitals in Boston, including Brigham & Women’s, Mass. General Hospital, Beth Israel, and Harvard Vanguard.  My motto was: “Healing the Planet Room by Room”

My newest creative endeavor has been a children's book, “The Hearts That Fell Out of the Sky”, featuring the Heart Heads, who are creatures with carrots for bodies and hearts for heads.  They live very peacefully on their planet way out in the universe until one day they hear all this grumbling from Earth. They venture down here for a visit, and in the process, drop armloads of hearts on the Earthlings, and quite simply, teach us to live in our hearts.  Writing in verse, illustrating and publishing have been a new and fun lesson for me, and a medium which I hope to explore more in the future.

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