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 Listen. There are so many beautiful voices everywhere and yet so many we never hear.In April of 2019, I became Executive Director of   the International Women’s Writing Guild - IWWG. One year later, the world was torn by a pandemic, causing economic upheaval, personal loss, and isolation for far too many. Parallel to the global crisis, the U.S. is witnessing a resurgence of social and racial inequities that causes us painful pause: Who are we as a country? Who are we as writers? In February of 2020,  IWWG launched a mentor program for young writers of color. With the support of dedicated foundations, we launched the program in Boston, New York, and Florida and we matched mentors and mentees who wrote together throughout the summer and fall of 2020. We will be publishing a series of anthologies that represent the voices of our writers and speak to all the possibilities for justice and equality. But also for the need to listen. 


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