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June 2016

In This Issue:

·  Summer Conference Full Scholarship recipients announced!

·  Summer Conference brochure and official workshop  schedule, plus how to easily share this    event on social media

·  Updates for Summer Conference

Congratulations to our Summer Conference 

Full Scholarship Recipients!

The Spirited Woman Foundation offered a full scholarship donation to support a woman with financial need to attend the 39th Annual IWWG Summer Conference.

The Spirited Woman Empowerment Scholarship recipient is Karen Devaney.

For the past ten years, I have wanted to attend the IWWG summer writing conference but for a sundry of reasons was unable. One of the biggest hurdles was finances. When the scholarship offer came along, I tentatively applied. I say, tentatively because I didn’t believe that I had a chance at such a generous offer. A few Sundays ago, when I read that I was being awarded the Spirited Woman scholarship—I literally leapt for joy. I realize that sounds cliché yet my enthusiasm was heard far and wide (ask my neighbors). This is an exciting opportunity and I am honored. I’ll have the great fortune to learn from and engage with prolific women writers as well as those, like myself, still carving out a name for themselves. I remain committed to my work and feel very grateful to finally attend the IWWG Summer Conference. Lastly, I will be teaching yoga classes (not sure times yet) which I have been doing for over ten years; please come join me on the mat! 

- Karen, Sacramento, CA

The Livingkindness Foundation has a commitment to work both globally and locally and offered a full scholarship to the IWWG Summer Conference to a woman who is using her creativity in the service of a better world.

The Livingkindness Foundation Scholarship recipient is Constance Garcia-Barrio.

The scholarship means an exceptional chance to meet and learn from accomplished women writers. This generous gift will equip me with crucial skills, such as blogging, and promote the growth and serendipity that I could find only in a supportive community. 

--Constance, Philadelphia, PA

Member Lesa Ulrich donated a full scholarship in memory of her daughter, Jordan Lee Ulrich, who passed away from cystic fibrosis a day after her 23rd birthday in 2013. 

The recipient of this Scholarship is Shawn Jackson

Greetings IWWG Members and friends,

My name is Shawn Jackson and I am so thankful for being granted a full scholarship to attend this year’s conference. I had paid to attend the conference earlier this year, just in case “something” happened, that way, if something unexpected DID happen, at least my conference and travel would be covered. Well, something did happen. I lost my job and everything I had planned in advance had to be canceled. I was heartbroken, so much so that I couldn’t even place the call myself. My husband, Mike, called for me. Kristin [IWWG Operations Director] was an angel. She told Mike to have me look out for an announcement on possible scholarship opportunities and that I should apply if one became available.

The scholarship posted but I hesitated to apply because I thought I didn’t have a shot at getting it. I thought others who were more deserving would get it over me. Luckily for me I have two cheerleaders, Mike & Angela. They reminded of my worth and they encouraged me to apply and I was granted the scholarship. YIPPIE!! Being granted this scholarship lets me attend this year as an actual member. What I mean is, last year I was a newbie member and I hung back in the shadows. This year, my name is recognizable and I don’t get to hide this time, which means I have to be bolder and resist my introverted side. Telling everyone “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough. A gazillion thank you's from the bottom of my heart. See you soon. --Shawn, St. Petersburg, FL

In addition, through the generous donations of many of you to the 

IWWG Scholarship Fund, we were able to provide several women 

in financial need with partial scholarships. 

Thank you for your support!

Summer Conference Materials 

In case you haven't seen Summer Conference 2016's brochure or official schedule, click the links below to download the information.

Summer Conference Brochure

Summer Conference Official Schedule

Know others who may be interested in Summer Conference? Want to help spread the word about this life-changing event? Please share!

For social media shares: Check out the IWWG Facebook Page and Twitter sites, to easily share our posts!

Summer Conference Updates

If you've already registered:

You should have received an email chock-full of details regarding pre-event and onsite instructions, including travel information (with link to our Ride Share forum), registration and opening night, and things to know about the campus. Let us know if you don't have this email!

If you've not yet registered:

There is still time to do so! 

Come for the day as a commuter, for a long weekend, for the weekday, or for the whole seven days.

Summer Conference Event and Registration Page

Register by July 5th at midnight (EDT) for housing. Right now, there are single rooms within a suite available (included in pricing), as well as private double rooms (surcharge) and double rooms to share with a friend. 

For commuters who would like the meal package, 

you must register by noon (EDT) on July 8th.

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