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A Sage Writers Series:
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5 Sessions: September 18 through November 13, 2021

1:00 - 2:30 PM ET

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  • A Sage Writers Series: Keep Writing Forward

  • Building on the themes of the Summer Conference during which we were Writing Our Way Forward, the members of the Sage Writers Panel are offering individual 90-minute workshops to keep you writing forward. These special workshops can be attended as individual events, or you can subscribe to the full series and take advantage of the opportunity to work with each of these inspiring instructors. All times are Eastern. 

  • Individual workshop descriptions below.


Sage Writers Series
Journaling Toward Oneness

The sun shines not on us but in us.”  ~~John Muir

We’re all little sparks of One Soul.” ~~Marion Woodman


Following the summer theme of Writing Our Way Forward, this workshop Journaling toward Oneness describes one of the ways you can keep writing forward. We turn to journaling, as it is the foundation of our writing. To engage in a writing life, we journal. We are drawn to the path of journaling because we long to know who we are, why we are here. This yearning for meaning finds its response in the oneness of all creation. 

The workshop will have three parts. First, what is oneness? We will start with finding our own oneness, reading Marion Woodman, and the oneness around us, reading CG Jung and Patricia Hampl. We will then look at the practice of journaling as a way to oneness, reading Etty Hillesum and Thomas Merton. We will close with finding our place in the world around us, reading Petina Gappah and Terry Tempest Williams.

A short writing exercise (10 minutes) will be included. You’ll be invited to put the titles from the exercise into chat so we can celebrate together our oneness within the Guild.

Susan Tiberghien is an American writer and teacher living in Geneva, Switzerland. For close to 30 years, she has taught creative writing at IWWG, C.G. Jung Societies, and at writers’ centers and conferences, both in the U.S. and in Europe. Her online courses—Journaling to the Soul, Seeing Beauty with Words, Through Darkness to Light—are available at the Jung Society of Washington, She also has recorded her course, Rekindling the Soul: Active Imagination for the Jung Platform,

She is the author of four memoirs, the acclaimed One Year to a Writing Life, and most recently Writing Toward Wholeness and Circling to the Center, both published by Chiron, 2018 and 2019. Her essays are widely published in literary journals and anthologies.

An active member of International PEN, Susan founded and directed the Geneva Writers’ Group (200+ members) for 25 years where she continues to teach. She is the founding editor of their literary review, "Offshoots, Writing from Geneva".


Sage Writers Series

Fluidity – From thereness to hereness to . . .

Objects we surround ourselves with are an autobiography of sorts. We will write poems by giving attention to something we have lived with for years, prompted by a three part exercise that takes us back in time, moving us to now and to the future.  

Myra Shapiro was born in Bronx, New York, the daughter of Ida Leader Stein and David Stein, a businessman who moved the family to northwestern Georgia when she was nine years old.

Myra Shapiro's first collection of poetry, I'll See You Thursday, was published in 1996 (Blue Sofa Press), edited by Robert Bly. Her second book of poems, 12 Floors Above the Earth was published in 2012 (Antrim House Books). Her memoir, Four Sublets: Becoming a Poet in New York was published in 2007 (Chicory Blue Press). She has received numerous awards for her writing, including the Dylan Thomas Poetry Award from The New School (1981) and the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Contest, Honorable Mention (2014). In 2005 she was named a finalist for the Poetry Society of America’s Robert H. Winner Award. Shapiro has read at the Library of Congress and was twice a McDowell Colony Fellow.

Shapiro serves on the Board of Directors of Poets House and teaches poetry workshops for the International Women's Writing Guild. Her poem, These Are The Pearls, was published in print edition of The New Yorker on July 22, 2019.


Sage Writers Series

Writing with the Spirit

Everything you write is indelibly tainted and textured by time. Your words may take us back to the memory colors of your childhood or propel us into the hopeful hues of your future. Within your spirit lives a rainbow of possibilities, limitless resources of creative energy, and a cavalcade of conscious writing ideas. Tapping into this spiritual wellspring of inspiration can move your writing forward with grace and ease. Writing With The Spirit will utilize in-class writing, evocative prompts, stimulating exercises, visualization, music, meditation, mother nature and mother wit to unlock your portals of poetry, memoir, fiction and beyond. If you are alive, you already have what you need for this workshop


DorothyRandallGray is the author of the bestseller Soul BetweenTheLines(Avon/HarperCollins), an award-winning visual artist, and former LA Poet-in-Residence. Dorothy's recent publications include works in Spell Breaking, Love Letters in Light, Sinister Wisdom, Canyon Chronicle2020 The Year That Changed America and her volume of poetry, SharingThe Same Sky. She is Executive Director of WomenWriters&ArtistsMatrix, and Storyteller-in-Residence at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.Her writing and healing workshops have served seasoned writers, incarcerated and homeless populations, veterans, at-risk  youth and post graduate students. Dorothy's creative services have been commissioned by numerous organizations including PEN America, UNESCO, National Association for Poetry Therapy, Living Kindness Foundation, Carnegie-Melon Institute, and Columbia University. A global activist, Dorothy believes in changing the world one word at a time.


Sage Writers Series

Beyond the Margins

In order to inspire your own writing, I will introduce, and we will analyze, contemporary, out-of-the-ordinary poetry just right for our time. There will be time to write and share your own pieces.  


June Gould IWWG workshop leader and speaker for over 30 years is also the author of: The Writer in All of Us: Improving your Writing through Childhood Memories, E.P. Dutton/ Plume Books. Beyond the Margins: Rethinking the Arts and Craft of Writing, Counting the Stones, Holocaust Poetry, Poets’ Round Table, Anthology, IWWG Poetry Published in: Pearl, The Storyteller, Shemom, Ship of Fools Press, University of Rio Grande, Inkwell, Manhattanville  College, Well Spouse Foundation Newsletter, The Round Table, IWWG,  Author of acclaimed chapter on teaching the language arts in the text, Constructivism: Theories, Perspectives and Practice, Fosnot, (Ed.) Teacher’s College Press, Columbia University. Recent Poems: Serenade, an Indian Music Journal, HEAL, Florida State University, College of Medicine, The Journal of Psychohistory, The Gallery&Studio Arts Journal, and Adanna Literary Journal. 

Writing Workshop Leader and Keynote Speaker: I Can Still See Their Faces, The Yeshiva Museum, N.Y., The Aegean Arts Project, Andros, Greece, The National Council of Jewish Women, N.Y., The IWWG’s  Big Apple N.Y. Conferences on Writing.


Sage Writers Series

Writing What You’ve Never Had the Courage to Write

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.” —Muriel Rukeyser

In writing memoir about our lives, women are writing what we know, not what we are allowed to know or expected to know, or, above all, permitted to tell. We will inevitably be criticized.

We often fear being judged if we put our truth on the page. We fear being criticized for being too angry, too vulnerable, too revealing, too sad. We’re told to stay small, not to take up too much space and, above all, to be likable, nice, straight, able-bodied, and mentally sane.

This workshop is an opportunity to reveal your secrets to yourself and others. Write about what you never had the courage to write, what you never have wanted others to know about you. Put your secrets on the page and you can omit and edit later. Allow yourself to reveal your innermost thoughts, secrets, experiences, feelings because we have all had them. Carolyn Heilbrun writes: “Women are telling their stories to publicly tell other women what their lives have been like.” The purpose of art is to change the conversation.

We will look at excerpts from memoirists who have had the courage to put their truth on the page about such topics as sexual abuse, desire, shame, dealing with family secrets: Chanel Miller, Katherine Harrison, Mary Karr, Jeanette Walls, Honor Moore

During the workshop, you will have an opportunity to write your truth and read it aloud or share it in the chat if you wish.


Maureen Murdock, Ph.D. teaches memoir writing in Pacifica Graduate Institute’s memoir certificate program, “Writing Down the Soul” and has taught memoir for IWWG for the last 20 years. Since 1990, she has taught memoir writing in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program where she received the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award in 1995.

A 30th anniversary edition of her best-selling book The Heroine’s Journey and The Heroine’s Journey Workbook has been published by Shambhala Publications. Murdock is also the author of Unreliable Truth: On Memoir and MemoryFathers’ Daughters: Breaking the Ties that Bind; Spinning Inward; and Blinded by Hope: My Journey through My Son’s Bipolar Illness and Addiction, published under a pseudonym. Her books have been translated into 15 languages including Polish and Farsi. Her blog about mental illness, addiction and the criminal justice system is on her website:

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