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Women's Writing Guild

Ten Tips: An Intensive Workshop on Writing the Memorable Memoir

  • Thursday, February 25, 2021
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Digital Village
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3-Hour Workshop

Ten Tips: An Intensive Workshop on Writing the Memorable Memoir with Judy Huge

This is your opportunity to examine your own writing through the lens of ten experienced readers and ten proven bits of advice. The workshop defines “memoir” as first-person writing regardless of length, from the personal essay and autobiographical short story to a book-length, nonfiction narrative.  For a memoir to matter, stay with the reader beyond the final word or last page, it must be read, remembered, and emotionally experienced as true. None of these are “givens.” It’s your job to make this happen and this workshop’s job to help you do it.

Judith Huge has spent over 30 years developing innovative approaches to both learning and writing. As president of her own national consulting firm, teacher of both undergraduate and graduate-level college courses, and director of writing workshops across the country, she has made a difference in the way thousands of people find, craft, and promote their writing voices. She is a co-author of 101 Ways You Can Help: How to Offer Comfort and Support to Those Who Are Grieving (Sourcebook, 2009), as well as A Middle Aged Woman and the Sea, a tale of loss and transition.